{ About Me }

My name is Cathy and I'm a wife to my husband of 14 years, and a stay at home mom to my two daughters, age 2 and 4. After much relocating, we have finally settled down in the suburbs of Houston, TX.

I have a BS in Chemical Engineering, but I discovered how much I love being creative. I've been selling online since 2002. I started online with resale...clothing, home decor, jewelry, etc. Since becoming a mother, I've really gotten in touch with my creative side and began designing jewelry, as well as enjoying other crafts. I've come to love using vintage components in my jewelry designs. A lot of what I use is new "old" stock which are vintage bits and pieces that have been discovered after being hidden away for quite some time. I love hard-to-find cabochons from the 1920's-1940's, and you will see some in my shop when I can get a hold of these little treasures. I absolutely love searching for the components I use in my jewelry. It's almost as much fun as creating the pieces themselves.